Please find below a series of
frequently asked questions.

Are you a sole or non-sole Agency?

We are strictly a sole Agency. This means that you are only allowed to be registered with ourselves and no other Agency.

Do you need to live in or around
London to apply?

We do accept Artistes from all over the UK, but please do consider before applying, that the majority of our castings will take place in Central London and generally travel and accommodation costs are not covered. Shoots can take place all over the UK, but the majority will be located in the South of England and even abroad – so this is also a consideration for your commitment to the industry.

Do you require face to face meetings before offering a Contract?

If your application is successful and your child is aged 3 or over, we will offer you a place at our ‘Face to Face’ Day based in a London Studio. This gives us an opportunity to assess whether they are suitable to work in the industry. We try to meet all of our Artistes so that we can build a relationship between us and our Artistes/Parents. This enables us to be confident when suggesting our Artistes to our clients and casting directors. For newborns and children aged up to 3, we will base our decisions on photographs initially and then self tapes.

NB. Due to the recent pandemic, Face to Face Days have not been possible but it is something we are looking to do again hopefully.

Are there any upfront costs?

We do not charge any ‘registration fees’, however, should your child be accepted to join our Agency, we do require an annual £50 website fee for the Acting Division, which covers commercials, TV, film, stage, voiceover and any other jobs that are not photographic/modelling. This fee is required to be paid after signing the contract and following a 30 day cooling-off period which is in compliance with the BEIS guidelines. For photographic and modelling-only Artistes, a fee of £50 will be taken from the first payment/s of £50 and above.

What are your commission rates?

Our commission fee is 20% (excluding theatre which is 15%). Further details are included in the Contract once you are accepted on our books.

Are there any other fees?

We do ask that our Artistes who wish to be represented for acting work to be registered on Spotlight at an annual cost of £114. This fee is paid directly to Spotlight, but we can help with this process.

Once my child is accepted onto the Agency, do you guarantee to get them work?

Unfortunately not! We cannot offer guarantees that your child will definitely secure work. However, we do only accept Artistes onto our books who we feel have a good chance of securing jobs and as such have the best chances with any opportunities that may arise.

What is Spotlight?

Spotlight connects performers with roles in theatre, television, film productions and commercials around the world and casting professionals use Spotlight to cast their projects.

Do you require professional photographs?

We do not require professional photographs for your child’s profile. However, we do require them to be of a certain standard especially after the age of 3. Photographs should meet our guidelines and the expected industry standard which is explained more in our Parent Guide. We also are happy to recommend a Photographer for obtaining your headshots if necessary.

Will my child miss any school?

The majority of castings for school age children will take place after school, from around 4pm to 7pm with the odd exception of being earlier. You must consider the time it will take you to travel into Central London for the casting. Shoots will usually take place during school hours so you will need to talk to your school and make sure that they are happy and supportive of this. We suggest you do this sooner rather than later to ascertain that they are on board. If your child books a job and needs to have time off school, we will require a letter from your child’s school authorising their absence as this is a requirement when applying for a Child Performance Licence.

Do you welcome applications from children with disabilities?

Yes, absolutely!

We are fully inclusive and welcome applications from anyone with a disability.

What if I have further questions?

No problem… just drop us an email at hello@puzzletalent.co.uk and we will reply back to you as soon as we possibly can. If we are particularly busy, this may be a question that is replied to during an evening or weekend.